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Advertisers Must Invest More In Trusted Local Media To Drive Return To Economic Growth

19 January 2023

GroupM trading director Craig Smith has called on media agencies and advertisers to invest more ad spend in highly trusted local news media as new audience data from JICREG Trust Local show that local news media now reaches 40 million a month across print and digital.

In an op ed supporting the launch of the latest data, Craig said: “The volatility which has dominated our social, political and economic worlds in recent years has created a unique set of challenges for media agencies.

“More than ever before, it is essential for us to help clients make the wisest possible choices to cut through the noise and uncertainty, delivering real growth for their businesses.

“As a highly trusted platform with growing scale, local media ticks all the boxes.

“The medium delivers huge reach – 40 million people read local news media in print or digital each month, according to the latest audience data from JICREG Trust Local.

“Local media has always scored very highly for trust. Yet, a recent poll has shown that this has grown still further in recent years as people increasingly seek out trusted sources of information to help them navigate complex challenges such as the cost-of-living crisis and coronavirus pandemic.

“And, as the creators and distributors of trusted journalism, local news brands occupy a privileged position right at the heart of the communities they serve. 

“Through their reporting, local journalists hold power to account and campaign for the causes that matter to their readers, giving a voice to those who might otherwise not be heard. 

“Advertisers – businesses and government – must take heed of the unique proposition that local media offers and make it a key component of an omnichannel media plan.

“Executed well, this not only helps drive real business growth for clients but also can make advertising work better for people, with creative and comms that are reflective of the audiences viewing them, in the places they call home.

“A highly trusted and engaged environment with unparalleled local relevance and insight, delivered at scale in print and digital right across Great Britain.

“Although the coming year will undoubtedly contain its fair share of challenges, it’s important to remember there will also be opportunities.

“I believe the power of highly trusted local media to deliver results is one such opportunity which businesses cannot afford to miss out on.

“We, the advertising industry, have a critical role to play in driving the return to economic growth.

“The unique power of local news media to deliver results should be at the forefront of our thinking as we embark on this critically important mission.” 

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