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Is London safe for Indian?

How many British still live in India? Today, there are 37,700 British citizens living in India, according to figures released by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. In other South

Is Paris a dirty city?

Study shows most French don't shower every day A new survey conducted by BVA and published in the French newspaper Presse-Ocean shows that only 57% of French people shower every day. 24%

Is New York colder than London?

Is London always cold? While London has experienced four separate seasons, light rains and cloudy skies are prevalent throughout the year. Daily altitudes range from 48 ° F (9 ° C) in

What’s the cleanest country?

Is Japan the cleanest country in the world? Japan is the twelfth cleanest country in the world with an EPI of 75.1. It had the highest score in the health category, 90.3. Their hygiene

Where is the dirtiest city in the world?

Los Angeles was named one of the dirtiest cities in America. LOS ANGELES - Los Angeles has found itself near the bottom of a list it probably doesn't want to be on. LawnStarter recently

Is London dirty?

Maximum temperature for London and Paris Surprisingly, more rain falls in Paris than London, this is most prevalent in the summer months. November is the only month where more rain falls

Is London safe for?

Is London dangerous at night? London is generally a very safe place to navigate, even at night, although it never hurts to keep your common sense and your zeal about you. Is it safe

What should I avoid in UK?

Are London and Paris in the same country? No, London is in Great Britain and Paris is in France. What is the capital of UK? What is the real capital of Great Britain? London, the