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London weather: A doctor reveals the best way to cool off in a heatwave when you don’t have air conditioning

Londoners are bracing for the height of the hot weather which is predicted to reach temperatures of over 36C in most of the capital. The city is usually known for its unpredictable, often rainy weather.

However, there will be no rain in sight on Monday (July 17) or Tuesday (July 18) as the Met Office has issued a Red weather warning for extreme heat which could cause danger to life. While most Londoners won’t have experienced temperatures like this, an Australian doctor living in the capital is all too familiar with blistering heat and has taken to Twitter to share some of her top tips for keeping cool cold without air conditioner.

Dr Ellie Mackin Roberts started her Twitter thread with the message: “I’m a real Australian, here’s some advice on dealing with the heat going into England… if you don’t have aircon.”

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The tweet, which the doctor said was originally ‘meant to help some of my friends out’ has since gone viral and been retweeted over 14k times as Britons scrambled to find ways to keep cool. The doctor’s first advice was for people to close their curtains all the way for the whole day. These should be left closed until later in the night when the temperature has cooled and it is safe to open both windows.

The doctor was keen to offer cost effective solutions and continued this theme with her second suggestion. She tweeted: “Buy or procure via some other method, mister or spray bottle. Fill with water. Mist as needed. Also good for keeping pets cool – EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.”

While most of the doctor’s tweets provided guidance and instructions, her fourth tweet read “HYDRATE”, further emphasizing the importance of drinking water during the hot weather. The Met Office’s red warning has strongly encouraged people not to go out unless absolutely necessary, however there are many people who will have to venture out for work or education.

The doctor echoed the same sentiment but also recommended clothing options for those who had to leave their house completely.

She tweeted: “When at home wear as little as you want, but if you’re going out in the sun: obviously wear the highest SPF sun cream you have, wear a hat, wear sunglasses, wear loose, light clothing and long sleeves. Apply sunscreen UNDER your clothes. Keep out of direct sun.”

The useful thread has ended with a message that most will be familiar with but often forget. The tweet read: “And my last piece of advice: HYDRATE. Don’t drink too much coffee, and don’t drink too much booze. Neither of those things are going to make the world of Good for you. But drink plenty of fluids.”

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